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Terms & Conditions

You accept this Agreement by signing, by ordering or receiving a Service, including ordering a Course and or Education Material, attending a class, or using any ICT Worx provided Education Material.

Course means an education service available from ICT Worx. A course is provided by instructors presenting Education Material in a class room (a class).

Education Materials are literary works or other works of authorship including documentation, manuals, machine-readable instructions, components, data, audio-visual content (such as images, text, recordings, or pictures), and related licensed materials.

Generally available (public) Courses are listed in the ICT Worx websites (www.ictworx.com). ICT Worx may add or withdraw Courses at any time without notice.

A private or one company Course is a Course provided by ICT Worx to a single customer. For private Courses, ICT Worx will agree with you in writing the dates, premises, and the number of students. It is your responsibility to secure at all times the storage of all ICT Worx hardware and software whilst on your premises. The training room should be locked whenever the ICT Worx instructor or the customer’s responsible person is not present in the allocated room. This also includes the times between the delivery of each class. If any ICT Worx kit is lost or damaged whilst on the customer’s premises ICT Worx will charge you the cost of replacing each machine lost or damaged.

Scheduling of Classes
ICT Worx specifies the dates of public classes. Private classes will be scheduled by mutual agreement. ICT Worx may cancel or defer any scheduled class on 15 working days notice. If ICT Worx cancels a class for which you have prepaid, ICT Worx will refund the price you paid to ICT Worx.

ICT Worx will not be responsible for any loss incurred by you, e.g. travel expenses, as a result of ICT Worx’s cancellation or deferral of a class.

Prerequisites and Assessments
ICT Worx provides Course descriptions, which include course objectives and student prerequisites. It is the responsibility of the student who attends the ICT Worx Course to ensure that he/she meets the stated prerequisites. ICT Worx provides no written assessment of student performance on a Course and assumes no responsibility for any student performance after Course attendance.

Proof of Entitlement
An enrolment confirmation letter or e-mail received from ICT Worx is evidence of your Proof of Entitlement to a Course and your authorization to use ICT Worx provided Education material.

Prices and Payment
The ICT Worx course prices are subject to change. Any price increase will be announced at least three (3) months before its effective date.

Prices for public classes will be those in effect on the date the class begins. Prices include the use of required Education Materials and machines at an ICT Worx arranged location.

Prices for private classes will be established based on your requirements. Additional charges may apply, such as instructor travel, accommodation and living expenses, facilities, and remote laboratory support.

Prices do not include taxes nor student travel, accommodation and living expenses.

Full payment is required no later than 10 full working days prior to course start date.

Cancellation by You
You may cancel or postpone a private class or your enrolment in a public class not less than 15 full working days prior to the scheduled start date of the class by notifying ICT Worx in writing or by e-mail. If you fail to cancel or postpone prior to this notification period, or the student fails to attend or withdraws from the Course, you will be responsible for the full price of the class and any associated additional costs incurred by ICT Worx.

If you wish to defer delivery of a private class or an enrolment in a public class to another date, ICT Worx will try to accommodate. If such a request is made less than 15 full working days before commencement of the class, any transfer will be subject to an administration fee of 30% of the class price. If you subsequently cancel from the deferred date, you will be charged the full fee of the class price. You may send a substitute from the same company for a student who has a confirmed enrolment on a class provided they meet the prerequisites for the Course.

ICT Worx may charge actual costs incurred, including travel and living expenses, if you cancel a private class less than two (2) weeks before its scheduled start date.